About Danijela Jovic

Serbian artist, Danijela Jović was born in Vranje, Serbia, where she finished primary and secondary school. She graduated from the Faculty of Technology, Department of Textiles and from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in the class of Sasa Filipovic, in 2016, in Belgrade.

Member of ULUPUDS since 2018. She lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

Solo exhibitions:

- 1999 NUBS, solo exhibition, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

- 2001 Underground, solo exhibition, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

- 2002 NUBS, solo exhibition, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

- 2002 Cite Internationale des Arts, solo exhibition, Paris, France

- 2002 Gallery 21, solo exhibition, Berlin, Germany.

- 2019 Transformation, solo exhibition, Singidunum, Belgrade, Serbia.

- 2020 Diary of emotions, solo exhibition, ULUPUDS, small gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.

Group Exhibitions:

-1999 Russian House, group exhibition, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

- 1999 -2000  Agora Gallery, group exhibition, New York-Broadway, USA

- 2000 Greeley Square Gallery, group exhibition, New York, USA

- 2001 Contemporary Art Center, Group Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

- 2001 GSG, group exhibition, New York, USA

- 2001 NUBS, group exhibition, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

- 2001 Chuo-Ku Gallery, group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

- 2001 National Gallery Stlbata, group exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria

- 2001 MAC 21, group exhibition, Marbella, Spain

- 2002 Paper Heart Gallery, group exhibition, Phoenix, USA

- 2002 Limner Gallery, group exhibition, New York, USA

- 2002 Gallery of National Museum, group exhibition, Ohrid, Macedonia

- 2003 Gallery 73, 3B ABSTRACT, group exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2013 MINI EXPO, Delta City, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2016 Belgrade Fortress Gallery, group exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2016 Museum of Applied Arts, the exhibition of miniatures, group exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2017 Cinematheque, group exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2018 SKC, Traditional-modern, group exhibition, Belgrade Serbia

- 2018 Steamship, Code, group exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2019 Contemporary Art in Serbia, group exhibition, NBS, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2019 Art Fair, group exhibition, BTC Ljubljana, Slovenia

- 2019 Exhibition of contemporary works, group exhibition, Slavic House, Prague, Czech Republic.

- 2020 Serbian fairy tale as inspiration, group exhibition, USILJS Kornjaca, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2020 Watercolor exhibition, group exhibition, USILJS Kornjaca, Belgrade, Serbia

- 2020 Self-portrait, group exhibition, USILJS Kornjača, Belgrade, Serbia.


- 2003 third prize in the 3B ABSTRACT competition, Belgrade, Serbia

Art colonies:

- 2001 Art Colony in Spain, Almeria ‘Valparaiso’,

- 2002 art colony in Ohrid, “Momir”,


The techniques she uses are mainly acrylic and mixed techniques on paper and canvas.

Her expressions and inspiration are various.

"I create so I exist".




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